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A Q&A With Chef Derek

Eating Around

Food for thought

As Fall descends on the Pacific Northwest and we retreat indoors hungry for the season’s bounty, Scout PNW‘s Executive Chef Derek Simcik invites you to join him for an intimate, curated dining experience at Thompson Seattle. In his new Tasting Menu experience, once a month a lucky group of diners will embark on a multi-course journey designed to provoke the senses and enjoy an evening of fantastic food and conversation with the Chef himself. We sat down with Derek to learn a little more about what the experience entails…

What was the inspiration for this new Tasting Menu experience?

I wanted to use some new or not-so-common techniques to cause people to think about the food they are eating: we want this to be for the diner who “geeks out” over food.

How many courses can we expect?

I don’t want to keep guests here all night so it’s a quick 12-14 “courses” or bites in hopes to have the whole experience be about 2 hours tops.

Scout PNW is renowned for its connection to the seasons and their changing flavors: what seasonal ingredients will you be focusing on to begin with?

This time of the year we get those end of summer items and the beginning of Fall, so you’ll see some corn, some chanterelles for sure.

How about the beverage pairing: what will that entail?

A few wines–but just like my mindset with the food, I don’t want it to be what you would expect: so you’ll have some juice combinations for some courses as well as some spirits… We’re really looking at what flavors best pair with each bite and not just looking at wines.

What are you hoping guests will take away from the experience?

Thought provoking… That you can have fun and push the boundaries of an experience like this. It does not have to be stuffy but can be fun, and at the same time make you really think about the food.

Can you give us any menu teasers?

This is going to change from menu to menu so you’ll just have to come and enjoy the experience to see what we will be doing!

What can you tell us about November 2nd’s event with the pop-up record shop?

So, our November 2nd dinner will be around food and music: two of my favorite things. During the day guest can come by and look through our Pop Up record shop that we will be having on the 2nd floor and listen to records and even purchase any they happen to find! Then they will come and enjoy a multi-course dinner inspired by music either within the food or the food will be paired with music.

And of course, with that, what’s your favorite kind of music to listen to while cooking?

I love music just in general but I’m an old school hip hop kat so anything from Beastie boys, Snoop, Dre, Biggie, Run DMC, Wu-Tang, Cypress Hill, OutKast, Onyx, Public Enemy, etc… you can catch on my play list.


Join Chef Derek for the evening on Thursday October 5th, at 6pm and 8:15pm or Thursday November 2nd, at 6:30PM: 10-12 courses; $90++ per person, $45++ beverage pairing. Limited seating available. Contact for reservations.