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Stranger Drinks

Just in time for Halloween, the hit Netflix show Stranger Things heads into its second season on October 27th. That leaves two full months of anticipation, guessing what the new story lines hold, and re-binge watching the first season. Still not enough to tide you over? Head to Emporium, where a pop-up will feature ’80s dance parties, special artwork, and design, and themed drink specials. Yes, you can drink an Eggo waffle cocktail slushie, as well as libations entitled “Snack Pack,” “Mouthbreather,” and “She’s Our Friend and She’s Crazy.” Enjoy them amid the spooky decorations.

Entitled “The Upside Down,” after the television show’s alternate dimension, the bar is directly next to Emporium Arcade Bar Logan Square. Come on the right night, and you’ll be treated to musical performances and surprise special mystery guests.


Wednesday—Friday, 5pm—2am

Saturday, 12pm—3am

Sunday, 12pm—2am