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Art & Design

From The Salon to the Strange

When you see art, do you prefer the old European stuff? Figurative and elaborately framed? Or would you rather something bizarre and new, alternately perspective-shifting and “this is art?” inspiring? Do you prefer small museums, less overwhelming and more amenable to careful consideration?

If you answered “yes” to ANY of these questions, The Frye Museum is the place for you. In the back of the institution, one large gallery features over 140 paintings collected by museum namesakes Charles and Emma Frye. All came out of the Munich Secession and Munich Künstlergenossenschaft generations of artists from the late 19th century—iconoclastic movements of their day. Portraits, landscapes, still lifes…here you’ll find them all.

Beginning September 23rd, you’ll also have the opportunity to check out a film by contemporary artist Mike Kelley. The musical-film hybrid takes inspiration from high school year books, and features a wacky cast of exaggerated teenage archetypes—hillbillies, Goths, and witches all get their screen time.