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Pig Out! 

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Live High on the Hog

Bacon is trending. For the past few years, we’ve seen it on fancy desserts, atop mounds of Brussels sprouts, and even in cocktails. (Anyone else seen house-infused bacon gin or bacon-infused bourbon on some menus recently?) Given its newly found versatility and long-appreciated savory profile, we’re guessing it’ll be a fixture in New York’s coolest and most creative eateries for a while.

Jump on the bacon bandwagon and head to Red Hook for a very carnivorous cookout. On September 9th, Pig Island brings over 25 chefs to Erie Basin Park to cook ambitious pig-centric dishes. This year’s talent includes Insa Brooklyn Korean Barbecue, Roxanne Spruance of award-winning Kingsley NYC, and Rodrigo Duarte of Casiero e Bom (last year’s Best in Show for traditional pork). Beer, cider, and wine are on hand to pair with pork belly, shoulder, chops, ribs, and more.