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Vino, Vidi, Vici

Food & Drink

Smooth Wine, Smooth Jazz

For a romantic evening, may we recommend Los Cabos Winery and Jazz Restaurant? Listen to live jazz while sipping some of the best vino in town. Arturo, the violist / pianist, gets rave reviews.

A few blocks off the beaten path, a barrel emblazoned with the words “Los Cabos Winery,” sticking out of a tan wall, will alert you that a wine spot is nigh. Inside, the decor is soft and dreamy. White gathered curtains cover the windows. Dim light flatters all patrons. A large scale realist painting behind the piano serves as a set for the musical event. It’s all a backdrop to delectable steak, pasta, and cheesecake. Go home tipsy, sated, and very relaxed.


Wednesday—Saturday, 6PM—10PM