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A Place Both Wonderful and Strange

Out There

The Owls are Not What They Seem

Are there any opening credits more iconic than those of cult television classic Twin Peaks? Composer Angelo Badalamenti’s haunting soundtrack accompanies an image of rushing waterfall as block green letters spell out the actors’ names. The waterfall itself has become a fan fixation and a symbol for all that is strange and endearing about the show’s primary setting, the weird and wonderful small town of Twin Peaks.

Visit Snoqualmie Falls and see the waterfall in person. From the observation deck, watch white water cascade to the pools below as ghostly mist rises. Surrounded by lush trees, the setting is ideal for both Twin Peaks fans and those who just love a good vista. Lace up your boots and take a hike on a nearby trail, or pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in the wooded park.

After the trip, enjoy a wine tasting at nearby Woodinville. Washington is now one of the largest wine producers in the country, and this region itself features 100 wineries. Drive around to different cellars, enjoying vintages and developing your palate.