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Multicultural Mash-up


A Worldly Fete

There’s a lot more to Nashville than Honky Tonk. If country music culture may be one of the city’s defining elements, it also overlooks the city’s vibrant multicultural community. According to the upcoming Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival, one in six residents is foreign-born. On October 7th, the celebration brings global food and performances to the Centennial Park, offering new chances for experience and connection.

In the past, the fete has featured Aztec dancers, a Mexican ballet company, and a Tai Chi meditation. Don’t forget the food: vendor booths have historically sold Puerto Rican fried plantains, Vietnamese banh mi sandwiches, Colombian arepas, Serbian sarma (cabbage rolls with meat), and much more. And if you’re looking for souvenirs, hit the World Market. You’ll find hand-crafted and imported items from around the world.