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On the Waterfront

For 24 years running, boats have been making an annual trek from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. Covering 750 miles, the Baja Ha-ha, which begins on October 29th, is no laughing matter. The two-week trip last year featured about 3,000 boats, with more than 10,000 participants; if you choose to participate (or watch the fleet come in), you’ll be in good company. Vessels can make two stops: one at Turtle Bay, and another at Bahia Santa Maria.

Look out for November’s upcoming celebrations as well, as boats approach the Cabo harbor: a dance party at Squid Roe on November 9th, a beach party on November 10th, awards ceremony on November 11th, and a final major celebration on November 30 with Mexican folk dancing, food and drinks, live music, and more.