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Spaces that Shape Us

Art & Design

The Built Environment

Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.” Such is the power of architecture. Though he was speaking about the British House of Commons at the time (it needed repairs after World War II bombings), the truth broadly applies.

Want to know who’s responsible for erecting the structures that determine how we move, live, and understand the spaces around us? Visit the Chicago Architecture Biennial, which extends through January. In the Chicago Cultural Center and beyond, you’ll see models and other projects by over 140 architects and artists.

On October 7th, participate in the Beverly Art Walk at the Beverly Arts Center (located in one of the city’s most architecturally significant residential neighborhoods) and participate in activities related to their CAB exhibition, ELEVATION: The Rise of Beverly/Morgan Park. Learn how architecture reshaped one family’s reputation at a panel discussion at the Gleaner House Museum on October 10.