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A Major Sculpture Centennial

One hundred years ago, one of the world’s best known sculptors died. Today, his iconic works remain as recognizable as ever: the hunched and pensive Thinker, for example, or the passionate entwined lovers in The Kiss. To celebrate the centenary of French maestro Auguste Rodin’s death, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is hosting a blockbuster show entitled—what else?—“Rodin at the Met.” 

At the show, check out nearly 50 marbles, bronzes, plasters, and terracottas, all acquisitions and gifts to the Museum. Paintings by Rodin’s contemporaries, such as Claude Monet, hang in the gallery to give context to the exhibition and insight into the creative production of the time. You can also view drawings, prints, letters, photographs of Rodin and his art, and illustrated books, which offer a more intimate understanding of the artist.