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Thompson Chicago Influencers X Marianne Strokirk


Beauty Tips from the City’s Best 

It’s tough to find a stylist when you’re out of town! It takes a lot of trust to let a stranger touch your hair, in a new city, especially if you’re about to meet new people. Listen to us: visit Marianne Strokirk Salons, and you’re in good hands. For over 25 years, Strokirk has been serving sleek looks to celebrities, Chicagoans, and out-of-towers alike. Below, Strokirk discusses her work and the three beauty products she can’t live without.

Describe your path to opening your own salon.
Back in Sweden, I worked with my father in his large salon. He was a great talent in our industry and he was a wonderful mentor for me and many others. I was very lucky to have such an experience. After a few years, I left Sweden and worked in England and France before coming to the United States. After establishing a large clientele in Chicago, working as an educator and doing runway shows for many years, the next step for me was to establish my own salon with my own philosophy.

What’s unique about Chicago’s beauty industry?
Chicago is an international city. We have recognized art and culture institutions, great architecture, and restaurants. There’s demand for high fashion.

Which are the three beauty products you can’t live without, and why?
My Mason Pearson brushes, texture spray, and Rene Furterer scalp treatment for thickening hair.

You styled Hillary Clinton, Maria Shriver and Diane Sawyer. How did these women connect with you? Can you discuss your goals when styling them?
All of these women found me through my reputation, and most by personal recommendations. I am extremely visual, and change is very important to me. There is always a dialogue between the client and me—it’s a collaboration. I will never give a client a haircut that I do not think is right for them. There are no bad hair-days—there are only bad haircuts. Success is not by chance; it takes a lot of talent.