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Art and Animals

Art & Design

A Quirky Gallery

Forget the stale white cube spaces that cities such as New York and London use to display art. This is Nashville! Why not paint a building green, call it Elephant, and put a sculpture of a reptile outside? Visit Elephant Gallery, a quirky exhibition space owned by Brooklyn transplant Alex Lockwood. Located on Buchanan Street, past vibrant street murals, Elephant presents strange and alluring shows. The inaugural exhibition, Brett Douglas Hunter’s Animals, featured brightly-hued cement and papier-mâché creatures.

Lockwood is an artist himself, a creator of often humorous multimedia works. One series even features bread tabs as its primary material. Stop by the gallery and say hi: the Nashville newbie is a good one to know. He’s intent on creating a community, built around aesthetics, that doesn’t take itself too seriously.