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It’s all Fun and Games

Who says the fun and games need to stop after childhood? Seattle offers plenty of arcades and game bars for adults to unleash their inner kids. Drink beer instead of Kool-Aid, and behave just well enough so that you won’t need a chaperone. Below, we’ve compiled a list of the city’s best spots to unwind and, perhaps, get a tad competitive with your peers.

Jupiter — For over 40 games in one location, plus lots of art, Belltown’s Jupiter is your spot. New and old pinball machines line the walls, the neon casting a special glow. If you’re up for a human opponent, there’s a billiards table.

John-John’s Gameroom — Do you like cat pics? Do you like pinball? Try your hand at Ye Old Medieval Madness or Who Dunnit, then get all anxious about topping over a game of Jenga. Fluffy, hanging on the wall, is watching.

Add-A-Ball — Up in the hip Fremont area, find the city’s largest collection of vintage coin operated arcade machines.

Screwdriver — In the basement of the historic Barnes Building, drink and game to classic rock. Lots of Led Zeppelin, lots of fun.

Shorty’s — Get yer hotdogs! Frosty beer here! Enjoy pinball games with themes ranging from Ghost Busters to Game of Thrones to The Pabst Can Crusher. Arcade games include whack-a-mole and Ms. PacMan. Work up an appetite, and then purchase a specialty dog. Veggie versions available.

Vidiot — Play all the pinball, drink all the beer. Located up in North Admiral, it’s off the beaten tourist path.

Flagstick Pub — When’s the last time you actually went to a putt-putt? Bring your dog to a game of mini golf. Yappy Hour is Monday through Friday, 6PM—7PM. Bring your pup and get $1 off pints.