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Glam Time


Fashion Show, Fashion Show, Fashion Show at ROM!

There’s nothing like walking through a fashion exhibition to stir fantasies of glamorous evenings and spectacular party entrances. Even if your wardrobe doesn’t contain any Christian Dior couture items, a new exhibition at The Royal Ontario Museum will let the house’s brilliant designs give visitors an opportunity to transport themselves into the past, imagine a divine wardrobe, and perhaps even inspire new ideas on amending their own closets.

Opening on November 25th, Christian Dior displays the brand’s trajectory from its 1947, post-war beginnings through 1957. During this time, the “New Look”—soft shoulders, padded hips, and long skirts—replaced more “masculine” silhouettes. Included pieces will feature Dior’s iconic A-line and H-line cuts, romantic embroidery, and high-end textiles.