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Art all Over

It’s the Year of Public Art in Chicago, which means you have two more months to enjoy the city’s major celebration of outdoor art. We’d recommend checking things out sooner rather than later—who knows what kind of cold this Chicago winter has in store? The Riverwalk is now home to latex and mesh banners by Art Institute of Chicago instructor Candida Alvarez. The vibrant abstract panels offer an invigorating backdrop to a brisk autumn stroll.

On November 9th, the University of Chicago will be holding its final bi-weekly public art walking tour of the season. Begin at “Black Sphere” (which is uh, a large black sphere) by Jene Highstein, and view Henry Moore’s bronze, “Nuclear Energy,” among others.

Through November 15th, the 3rd Annual Terrain Biennial fills front yards and other private spaces with art. Spread throughout the city, and others, the exhibition asks viewers to look at neighborhoods and perceived boundaries in a new light.