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The Beauty Maven

Riverdale’s bob + paige salon is a stylish destination for the city’s best haircuts and color. Using products from leading international brands, the stylists offer expert advice and skilled services. If you’ve got a big evening on the horizon, or you just want a new look, book an appointment—slots are in high demand. We chatted with Violet Volovik, master stylist and bob + paige co-owner with Frank Calandrino, to learn more about her work.

Describe your path to becoming a stylist.
From hanging out at a salon from the age of 13, helping and meeting hairstylists from around the world, this fabulous industry sparked an interest in me. I began doing some hair modeling (photo shoots and shows) and realized that there was a whole world to this wonderful trade. Behind the chair, shows, shoots, and competitions, there was alway more to learn. I wanted a role reversal: to be not the model but the hairdresser for the competition. And here I am! I’m always learning and growing! Almost 10 years ago, my business partner Frank approached me to open a salon with him. Now we have a fantastic shop and a great team at bob+paige.

Name a few Fall trends you’re particularly excited about.
We are seeing lots of cool tones—dusty grays, luxurious coppers, and balayages with melting monochromatic tones. It’s the best time of year to incorporate a fringe or a curtain bang. We are still seeing lots of texture in styling—a little less perfect, not just curls but shattered shapes.

You’ve been called the Houdini of hair color.
I’m known for makeovers or color correction and bringing hair back to life that has been over-colored. I make a plan and explain that it can take a few visits. It’s kind of like dating: we usually need a few meetings to really get to know each other. I also love blondes and finding that perfect healthy, shiny hue to suit the client. I love bright, bold color, but with placement that looks classy. I love the challenge of getting my clients to their goal color!

Share a couple of your secrets.
Don’t over wash your hair. Use color-safe shampoo. Cleansing conditioners are amazing. Try something new once in a while. You never know what will be best. Work around people that inspire you everyday. Consultation is everything. Remember to listen to clients’ needs, but also be confident: you’re a professional who should know what’s best.

What makes Toronto a great place to work in beauty?
Toronto is the true melting pot of the world these days, bringing together people from around the world. Every day is a new and exciting experience. The city has the best brunches and every kind of cuisine you can think of. You get music and shopping. Summer’s my favorite season here, though we make cold, hard winters exciting too. There’s always something going on. I’m proud to live here; we have the best of every place in the world in Toronto. And, well, we do have the Maple Leafs.