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Both Sides of the Border

Art & Design

Close up on Mexican Culture

At the National Museum of Mexican Art, learn more about creativity and important aesthetic advancements south of the border. Boasting one of the country’s largest permanent collections of Mexican art, the Institution rotates their approximately 10,000 objects spanning diverse media and eras. For example, the Pre-Cuauhtémoc ceramics and stone and shell items tell the stories of the ancient Mexican cultures from which they came: Mayan, Toltec, and beyond. Find more recent artistic expression in the collection of about 700 photographs, from 19th-century shots of Mexico to contemporary mixed-media assemblages.

The year-round exhibition, Nuestras Historias, uses the museum’s permanent collection to tell the story of cultural identity, colonialism, folk art, and modern Mexican art. It’s a complex tale, sure to surprise visitors and enrich their understanding of the multi-faceted national culture.

Don’t miss January’s special exhibitions, either. In Luis Tapia: Sculpture as Sanctuary, the eponymous artist explores the idea of “sanctuary”—a term ever more present (and important) in the media. Peacemaking and Landmarks examines the Mexican-Chicago community in particular.