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Good Fair Fun

Whether you’re a seasoned or novice art collector, or merely an art appreciator, an art fair is a fabulous place to learn more about craft and check out the range of paintings and sculptures coming out of Toronto. Now in its 11th year, The Artist Project contemporary art fair comes to the Better Living Centre from Feb. 22nd-25th. Meet the exhibiting artists, who’ll be roaming around as well. Throughout the fair, art chat seminars offer opportunities for art buying education, as well as time for performances.

On Friday, February 23rd, Art Battle #638 welcomes 16 artists to paint competitively, creating the best work they can in 20 minutes. Watch them rush their brush, vote on your favorite painting, and then bid in the silent auction. Later, an afterparty rages. Sing karaoke and meet other art lovers, both tone deaf and melodic.