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Rainbows, Sprinkles, and More..

Food & Drink

Discover New York City’s Most Instagrammable Bakery

For New York’s most colorful, Instagram-friendly cake, head over to Lafayette Street in Little Italy. There, Flour Shop owner Amirah Kassem has set up a temple to rainbow sprinkles, an altar to over-the-top dessert. At Flour Shop, you’ll want to try the 6-layer explosion cake, which erupts with multicolored chocolates and sprinkles when you cut into it. Each layer is a distinct rainbow hue, and the entire exterior is covered with sprinkles. It’s so gorgeous you may just want to look at it, but it’s also too delicious not to consume.

To preserve taste, Kassem avoids using fondant. Yet, she’s able to make a variety of intricate designs as well. Try her Cara the Unicorn cake, with a silver cone horn sticking out of its head, or the chocolate chip pancake cake, which could fool anyone into thinking it’s just a stack of breakfast flapjacks with butter on top. Katy Perry, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, and Valentino have all hired Kassem to make specialty cakes. If you’ve got a wacky, high-concept dessert idea, Kassem can deliver.