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With a logo that consists of a hand making an “a-ok” sign, the Chinatown coffeeshop The Good Sort promises to infuse your day with a little chill. No matter how weird New York’s weather gets, or how dirty its streets, or how hectic your day at work, they’ve got a cure. The Good Sort offers antidotes to all city ailments, in liquid form. While you can certainly enjoy an activated charcoal waffle or turmeric congee here, it’s the drinks that stand out.

The Good Sort makes signature lattes in five distinct hues. Their green latte features matcha, the smooth and refreshing green tea powder. Beetroot creates the color in their bright pink latte. The black latte incorporates activated charcoal and black sesame into the mix, while the blue and gold lattes make use of blue algae and turmeric & pepper, respectively. If you’re looking for something even more colorful, go for the rainbow iced latte. Start your day with its beetroot, turmeric, blue algae, ginger, black pepper, vanilla bean, agave, and cayenne pepper, all blended with almond, coconut, and oat milks. Trust us: there’s nothing else like it.

If you’re in search for a matcha infused drink, look no further than Cha Cha Matcha  where you can find matcha lattes in a variety of different flavors, including coconut, lemonade, ginger tumeric and more. Hungry? Grab a matcha infused snack, we’re partial to their matcha soft serve ice cream. Delicious!