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Don’t Get Lost in the Shuffle

Everyone needs a little magic in their life. After making it through another work week, adhering to a tried-and-true routine, seeing the same friends for drinks, and having the same spats with significant others, something unexpected, otherworldly, and inexplicable is certainly called for. As adults, we know that magicians can’t really manipulate the laws of the universe, but it’s still entertaining to watch their sleights of hand.

Enjoy magic for adults at The Magic Penthouse. Live musicians serenade the audience, who enjoys tricks and treats (catered appetizers) all night. In the intimate setting, make friends with other celebrants eager to suspend disbelief. The venue, a beautiful downtown ballroom, offers views for days. Check the calendar: there’s one event per month, each featuring four of the city’s best magicians. They infuse comedy, pathos, and skill into their routines—we heard that a previous event included a mock proposal. Bet you don’t usually see that on your night out.