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Wild Brushstrokes and a Torrid Affair

In an equitable world, Joan Mitchell would be as much a household name as Jackson Pollock. Perhaps best described as a badass, Mitchell smoked, drank, and innovated to rival any of the male members of the Abstract Expressionist movement, a notorious boys’ club. For proof, you can look at images of her in her studio, slouching in baggy clothes and sunglasses, cigarette in hand. Better, though, is gazing at her paintings: they transform landscapes into abstracted masterpieces filled with exuberant, confident gestures.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see Mitchell’s work in Mitchell/Riopelle: Nothing in Moderation at the Art Gallery of Toronto. The show explores the dynamic relationship between Mitchell and her sometimes lover, the Canadian Jean Paul Riopelle. Sure, the story of their tumultuous affair is compelling. But Mitchell’s brushstrokes will tell you everything you really need to know.