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When It Comes to Desserts, Don’t Be Square

Our mouths start watering when we so much as look at the Bang Bang Pie website. Run—don’t walk—to their Logan or Ravenswood location. From the traditional (key lime, chocolate pecan) to the inventive (coffee-and-cream featuring crumbled biscoff cookie, or berry icebox with raspberry gelee), their sweet pie offerings are all stellar.

If you’re in the mood for lunch, we recommend the biscuits. The flaky, light pastries are split in half and filled with fantastic ingredients. Want a sandwich with candied bacon, collard greens, poached egg, and hot sauce? Yes, please! Or try the Farmer’s, which is rich with so many fruits and veggies—pickled fennel, mixed greens, celery, and apple—that whole thing even starts to feel a little healthy. Trust us: you’ll still want dessert.

As if you needed any more options to choose from, Bang Bang also serves house-made granola, fancied-up grits, and pot pies. You’re definitely going to need to come back a few times.