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Magnificent Meals, Made By You

Food & Drink

A Delicious Course 

There’s a reason that one of America’s most famous cookbooks is called Joy of Cooking. It is, indeed, a pleasure to measure out and combine ingredients, following a series of steps until you have a delectable meal you’ve made yourself. And then the best part: sharing and eating the results.

During your stay at Thompson Playa del Carmen, take a class at Co.Cos Culinary School & Catering, where you’ll learn how to make a three-course meal (or, if you’re strapped for time, a one-course). Chef Coty shares her home and her culinary secrets. In a beautiful kitchen, replete with a curving island and bright red cabinets, you’ll learn how to make such delicacies as chile relleno (stuffed peppers), tortilla soup, and fish & shrimp marinated in achiote (a spice) and wrapped in banana leaves. Pretty fancy, huh? The Friday night “Drinking School” teaches patrons how to taste tequila, mezcal, and different chile varieties.