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Burgers Al Fresco

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Tapped In to the Food Scene

As the weather warms, Nashville offers a host of outdoor dining options. At the Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden, eat and drink under shady trees, surrounded by others who are just as excited about the onset of spring. Take your pick from a full menu of burgers: cheese or no cheese? Which veggie alternative (black bean or falafel) do you prefer? When it comes to sauces—beer mustard, maple mustard, or wasabi aioli? So many questions, so many burger varieties.

Chicken and sausage options abound as well. Between kielbasa, currywurst, and bratwurst, you’ll nearly feel as though you’re in Germany. Check the website to see what exciting beers are on tap. This April, they’re serving up a nectarine cobbler from California. (We’re sure it’s an ideal warm weather beverage.) If you’re not up for booze, they still have you covered: good old-fashioned phosphates and egg cream sodas are on the menu, fueling some serious 1950s diner nostalgia.