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Big City Breakfast

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Sesames and Schmeaer

What exactly is it that makes New York bagels so delicious? According to this crucial report from Food & Wine (really raising the bar for service journalism here), the answer to the city’s dominance actually lies in our production processes. Apparently, the fact that we boil our bagels before baking them and proof the yeast (mixing it with water to check that it’s active) are more important determinants.

But enough with the science! Who serves the best bagels in New York City? Black Seed lays claim to a hand-rolled, honey water-boiled, wood-baked recipe. They keep it chic and simple: eight basic bagel flavors, more inventive on the spreads (tobiko cream cheese, housemade almond butter). 

For a fluffier, more filling breakfast, venture to Murray’s, where you can also buy a cinnamon raisin or a bialy. Pick up some coffee in one of their iconic blue cups, and everyone will know you started your day right. Then there’s Russ & Daughters. Around since 1914, the high-end smoked fish and schmear shop has been catering to carb-starved New Yorkers for over 100 years.