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It’s never a bad time to celebrate David Bowie. The Starman left an indelible mark on rock n’roll as he created many of the genre’s best characters. Turn on any number of his hits (we’re partial to “Modern Love”), and you can feel his radiant energy. Two years after Bowie’s death, New York is mounting a large-scale tribute to the innovator.

David Bowie Is,” at the Brooklyn Museum, is the hottest ticket in New York right now. The exhibition features about 400 items, including the rock star’s costumes, photographs, and more. Learn about Bowie’s biography, from his youth in England to his final years in New York. View 85 handwritten lyric sheets and more than 60 custom-made performance costumes, all of which highlight the exquisite nature of his craft. 

The exhibition has been touring the world for five years, and this is its final stop. Don’t miss a truly historic opportunity to celebrate the man who—through a variety of guises and stage personas—always dared to be unrepentantly himself.