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These people are serious about their coffee. On any given day, Big Shoulders Coffee offers a selection of top-notch brews: single origin, special features, and more. For example, their current line-up features a chocolatey Uganda roast, a Kenya Kirinyaga, an award-winning coffee from El Salvador with notes of tangerine and violet, and a Colombian medium roast classic. We’re going to suggest you don’t try them all in one sitting.

Big Shoulders Coffee has locations in West Town, River North, the Loop, Gold Coast, and the CBOT Building; you’re rarely far from great coffee. If you’re really serious about your morning beverages, check out the bean scores online beforehand. Buy some bags wholesale and start making your own drip from the comfort of your home. Hungry? Don’t miss out on Do-Rite Donuts, which are offered at many of their locations, and Signature Marshmallow Latte.