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In our age of Instagram and media saturation, what more could “fine art” photographers actually have to show us? As it turns out, plenty. With ever-developing processes and tools at their disposal, artists continue offering bold new perspectives on our world.  

Take Trevor Paglen, for example, whose work will be on view during the Contact Photography Festival. His exhibition, Surveillance States (at the Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art) features two video installations that reflect on our dwindling privacy. Watch a sequence of pictures that document “unofficial government surveillance facilities.” Big Brother is watching you.  

The photograph festival hosts a variety of shows at venues scattered around the city. At Arsenal Contemporary, check out Richard Mosse’s “heat maps” of refugee camps. The artist employs a highly sophisticated camera so powerful in its heat sensitivities that it’s regarded as a weapons technology. Finally, don’t miss Awol Erizku’s show at Billboards on Landsdowne. The dude shot Beyoncé once! He’s basically royalty by association.