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Get a Move On


It’s spring! We love the fact that warmer weather opens up many additional transportation options in New York City. No need to descend into the sweaty subway tunnels or hail a stuffy cab. Instead, combine your exercise with your commute, your sightseeing with your time outdoors. All you need is a bike. 

If you just want to cruise through Central Park, check out NYC Bike Rental, a perennial favorite. Kickstand Bicycles, located in Midtown East, also gets high marks for brief rides. Or, ride like a New Yorker and grab a Citibike. According to their website, they’re located at 750 stations throughout 60 neighborhoods, making this the most convenient option for riders unsure of where their days are headed. 

Need a quick pitstop? Some cafes are particularly amenable to environmentally-friendly travelers. Visit Off The Bridge, near the Manhattan Bridge, for a coffee. Maglia Rosa, run by a Milanese cyclist named Manuel, is unsurprisingly hip. The sunny interiors (two locations: Carroll Gardens and Industry City) feature a bar with diner stools and some teal patio-esque furniture. Order a prosciutto panini or a caprese salad while you check out the bikes or get a tune-up. Buon appetito!