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Cool Vinyl

The ’90s may be over, but Seattle’s record shops are keeping the city cool for the aurally-inclined. Cruise over to Easy Street Records for a breakfast burrito and some vinyl. If you need some cash, sell them some of your old records (and try not to spend the profit on a new batch!). Sonic Boom, founded by music-loving friends Jason Hughes and Nabil Ayers, has seen its fair share of excitement since it opened in 1997 (the duo once employed a Death Cab for Cutie bass player…and paid him under the table). Everyday Music offers CDs, DVDs, records, new discs, and vinyl. According to their website, each location stocks over 100,000 CDs and records. Forget the Internet! Streaming’s no fun when you can browse the shop aisles for hours. Check their website for new releases—an easy way to stay current.