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Hot Diggity Dog

Eating Around

Sausage Festival 

The jury’s out on whether hot dogs are sandwiches. According to People MagazineMeryl Streep believes that a hot dog is only a sandwich if it has a bun. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg brought up the issue of bread separation. Her verdict? The two pieces of bread need not be independent for a meat-bread mixture to constitute a sandwich.

As baseball season gets underway, find the best hot dog in the city. At Chicago’s Dog Houseyou’ll find gourmet sausages (lamb merguez! alligator! kangaroo!), Chicago classics (corn dogs for the kids), and specialty dogs (the Mayer Daley, with Irish cheddar, caramelized onion, and smoky dijon has our name all over it). 

At Portillo’s order some of their beloved lemon cake to accompany your jumbo chili cheese dog in a poppy seed bun. For a real vintage experience, head to Superdawg drive-in. You’ll half expect the wait staff to glide by on roller-skates. That won’t happen, but you can get a pure beef hot dog with all the trimmings and some awesome Superfries. Finally, chow down at the Duck Inn for a fancier, sit-down meal. Their duck fat dog, served with their own pickled hot peppers, is a major award winner.