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Derby Time!


Juleps, Juleps, Juleps!

May 5th is Derby Day! Whether or not you care about horse racing, this is a phenomenal opportunity to wear fancy hats, drink mint juleps, and, well, just day-drink in general. Thompson Seattle will host a viewing, brunch, and Bulleit Julep Bar in the Courtyard. The hotel will set up a whisky bar on the roof.

Head to the Derby’s website, where there is a second-by-second countdown to the festivities. If you had any doubt as to the primacy of wide-brimmed hats within the hierarchy of important things about this event, just check out their landing page: there’s a pink-and-purple feathered beauty. That’s the one to beat. With that in mind, we’re going to strongly recommend derby attire. People watching is part of the fun.

Visit here for more information.

Derby Party at Thompson Seattle