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Time for Textiles

For a long time, aesthetic snobs dismissed textiles as craft objects, utilitarian goods made (mostly) by women. The perception, of course, denies the time, skill, and cultural history embedded in the fabrics. The Textile Museum of Canada aims to rejuvenate the art form’s reputation. Established in 1975 and formally opened in 1989, the institution maintains a collection of more than 13,000 artifacts, spanning 2,000 years.

Rotating exhibitions deepen patrons’ understanding of such elements as color, pattern, and material. Until September 23rd, stop into the “Color Improvisations 2: An International Exhibition of Contemporary Quilts” show and check out contemporary quilts. The obvious ingenuity and rich hues will wow even the most skeptical viewer. An exhibition on Canadian textiles, and the story they tell about the country’s history, opens June 27th.