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Mariscos el Torito boasts a great success story. The Cabo restaurant began as a cart in 1992, offering cocktails and ceviche from beneath a tree in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. In four years they were able to add hot food and open a brick-and-mortar location, and the seafood soup (sopa de mariscos) became a huge hit. In 2001, the Cabo location was born—again, in cart form. The New York Times took notice, and the happy owners finally erected two of their own buildings: one in San Jose Cabo, the other in Cabo San Lucas. 

At the latter, you’ll find steps leading up to a long, wood-ceilinged pavilion. Vines hang in the bathroom, and a back wall features hanging pots. Checkered tablecloths and wide wood chairs offer comfortable, casual experiences for all diners. Enjoy clams, shrimp meatballs, fillets of over a dozen different preparations, and octopus. Do you want your shrimp atop fettuccine, in mango sauce, in cilantro, doused in Kahlua, or made on the grill? The most difficult part of visiting the restaurant may be making up your mind!