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Dreamy Drinks

As Paul McGee says in the promotional film for Chicago tiki bar Lost Lake (where he works as a partner), “what makes a tiki drink great is half of what’s in the glass and half around the person drinking it.” At the bar, enjoy hanging lanterns and other charming decor. Flower and umbrella-studded cocktails feature fun garnishes such as pineapple leaves and orchid flowers, while the glasses range from a coupe to a parrot-shaped vessel. For example, sip the “Stranger in Paradise:” a tequila-based drink with pineapple, absinthe, cinnamon, allspice, falernum, lime, rhum agricole blanc, and angostura bitters. You’ll get the perfect balance of spice, spirit, and fruit. The staff even sets one of their drinks on fire. “We want everyone to feel like it’s Waikiki at dusk, forever,” the floral shirt-garbed McGee says at the end of the video. Escape to this tropical paradise now!