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Thompson Hotels Playa del Carmen X Chef Edder Cisneros

Food & Drink

Chef Edder Cisnero’s Black Habanero Hot Sauce

We checked in with Chef Edder Cisneros from Cinco at Thompson Playa del Carmen about all things related to hot sauce, and were lucky enough to get him to share the recipe for his signature Black Habanero Hot Sauce.

What’s your favorite hot ingredient and why?
Chef Edder Cisneros: Habanero chili, because it is a local ingredient. If you know how to use it correctly, you’re able to add a different flavor to dishes without making them extremely spicy. Using a habanero chili allows you to play with your spice levels.

What’s your go-to brand of hot sauce? What makes it so special?
Chef Edder Cisneros: I love El Yucateco Hot Kutbil-ik Mayan Style. They use a traditional recipe, without artificial flavors.

Do you ever make your own hot sauce?
Chef Edder Cisneros: I make my signature Black Habanero Sauce which is made from charred habanero, onion, garlic, sour orange, white vineger, salt, and cumin.

Will your hot sauce will be incorporated in any dishes on their summer menus? 
Chef Edder Cisneros: Yes, we plan to use it in several of our dishes, including Charred habanero vinaigrette for salads, Habanero and honey glazed for ribs or salmon, Avocado and habanero puree, and red and green sauce for chilaquiles.

What’s the most unexpected way to use hot sauce?
Chef Edder Cisneros: Chocolate and habanero ice cream, or a Sour orange, coriander and habanero sorbet. I use it for a Hamachi carpaccio.

What’s the best hot sauce for summer grilling? What are you currently grilling? Any tips?
Chef Edder Cisneros: Habanero, tamarind and  honey glazed for ribs , salmon or chicken skewers.

Chef Edder Cisneros shares his recipe for his signature Black Habanero Hot Sauce with us below.

Black  Habanero Hot Sauce
Charred  Habanero
Bitter Orange
White Vinegar

Blend  together. Make a charred habanero vinaigrette for salads or combine  habanero  with  tamarind  and  honey  for  a marinade  on  ribs,  salmon  or  chicken skewers.  Enjoy!