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Float On, Get Fit

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Balanced Challenge

Paddle boarding in the ocean is an extremely meditative experience AND a great core workout. Aloha Paddle Club offers a range of options to make the activity even more special: perhaps yoga at sunrise sounds pretty, but isn’t an intense enough workout for you. Try it on a paddle board: luckily, even at 6:30 in the morning, the water will be warm if you fall in.

Visit a cenote, one of the famed, semi-underground swimming caverns under the surface of the Yucatán, full of hanging vines and crystal-blue waters. Although there are 7,000 on the Yucatán peninsula, they’re located away from town so require a car or tour to visit. Aloha Paddle Club organizes this for you and allows you to paddle through the gorgeous Yal Ku lagoon (discover fish and coral).