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Thompson Hotels Cabo San Lucas X Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez

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Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez’s Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

We checked in with Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez from Manta by Enrique Olvera at The Cape about all things related to hot sauce, and were lucky enough to get him to share the recipe for his Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce.

What’s your favorite hot ingredient and why?
Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez: I love fresh & roasted habanero, both techniques emphasize the spicy flavor in a pleasant way.

What’s your go-to hot sauce brand? 
Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez: Salsa huichol

Do you ever make your own?  If so, what are the components?
Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez: Yes, I make a roasted habanero sauce with sesame oil. It’s made with roasted habanero chili, soy sauce, lime juice, sesame oil, and salt.

What’s your favorite way to use hot sauce?
Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez: I love to use it in miso fish tacos and in octopus anticuchos with chorizo mayo.

Will your hot sauce be incorporated in any dishes on the summer menus? 
Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez: Yes, we recently added the octopus anticucho. It’s fresh octopus, marinated in an adobo of chili ashes and grilled on the robata (a type of charcoal grill used in Japanese cooking). We serve it with a chorizo mayo and seaweed salt. The roasted habanero sauce goes perfectly with this dish.

What’s the most unexpected way to use hot sauce?
Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez:  In cocktails!

What’s the best hot sauce for summer grilling?
Chef de Cuisine Abisai Sanchez: I love the roasted habanero sauce with sesame oil on octopus.  

Below, Chef de Cuisine Aisai Sanchez shares his recipe for Roasted Habanero Hot Sauce.

Roasted  Habanero  Hot  Sauce  
1  ½  pounds  roasted  habanero  chili
½  cup  soy  sauce
½  cup  lime  juice
½  cup  sesame  oil
Salt  to  taste

Clean the habanero chili and roast it directly over fire. Blend it with the rest of the ingredients and serve over grilled seafood with lime.