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Thompson Chicago Art Collection

Art & Design

At Thompson Chicago, art plays an essential role in conjuring a sense of place. We’ve banished generic artwork in favor of thought-provoking pieces from artists who aren’t afraid to push buttons or bring a smile to our faces.

In the lobby, hallways, and guest rooms at Thompson Chicago, you’ll find work from celebrated contemporary artists such as Damien Hirst (whose controversial work defined the Young British Artists movement of the nineties) and Wes Lang (most famous for his Kanye West collaborations, as well as being a great artist in his own right). Eschewing the typical “white cube” gallery, we created Chicago Truborn, a non-traditional space at the heart of the hotel displaying works available to purchase and take home. And we’ve decorated our Secret Stairwell with original colorful murals from local, under-the-radar street and graffiti artists who, we predict, won’t stay under-the-radar way for long.

It’s our intention to inject color and life into overlooked spaces. We invite you to take a look.