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How to Deep-Dish

Food & Drink

It’s a Personal Thing

Deep-dish is a personal thing—everyone has their favorite, and we’re not here to judge.

We do happen to have two of the greats on our door step, both just minutes from Thompson Chicago. While Gino’s East and Lou Malnati’s both serve great food, what separates them is atmosphere: Gino’s encourages you to leave your literal mark on the place by picking up some chalk and scribbling on the walls. It’s dark, a little grungy, and a lot of fun. Lou’s is more traditional—in fact, it’s an institution. There are a whopping 52 Lou Malnati’s in Chicagoland.

Whichever one you choose, make sure you do it right: don’t plan anything strenuous later, and don’t skip the sausage. Pepperoni might be the country’s number-one topping but Chicago takes sausage seriously. Lou Malnati’s offers a gluten-free option which swaps the base of their pie with a disc of “lean” sausage. Maybe that sounds good, but you’re a glutton for gluten? Gino’s East’s got you covered: you can opt for a demure sprinkling or go for a 10-inch sausage patty squished onto the base of the pizza.

If you make it to Lou’s, keep things local, order a pitcher of 312, and try their trademarked “buttercrust.” If you make it to Gino’s, you can tell everyone you went to the pizza place on Man v. Food. Your best option is to visit one, and pick up a frozen pie at the other. Honestly, you can’t lose.