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Have a Ball in Queens

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Post-Industrial Enchantment

Over in Queens, Yayoi Kusama has filled a disused train garage with 1,500 mirrored balls for the latest installment of her 52-year-old Narcissus Garden series. The exhibition literally reflects the devastating damage inflicted on the Rockaway region by Hurricane Sandy in a way that’s both enchanting and harrowing.

Kusama orchestrated the original version of this installation long before her mirrored infinity rooms became the Internet’s most photographed art exhibit. Without permission, she brought her silver balls to the 1966 Venice Biennale and tossed them into the air next to a sign that read “Your Narcissism for Sale.” Each of the balls went for $2 a piece, which, for anyone with great foresight, would have been a solid investment.

Find the exact location in Google maps here. The ferry is the nicest way to get around during these hot summer days, and the ferry from Wall Street drops you very close by.