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An Indulgent Desert Island Experience

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A flurry of articles in 2016 and 2017 proclaimed Holbox Mexico’s “best kept secret.” it’s safe to say the secret’s out, but that’s no reason not to visit. With a resident flock (or, to use the technical term, a flamboyance) of flamingoes and sea turtles galore, the desert island provides an idyllic, relaxed and secluded setting. With only 2,000 residents, you’ll truly feel like you’ve gotten away from it all. Which is great. Until you want a world-class meal, craft cocktail, and some luxury pampering.

Experience the best of it without the rest of it: take a one-day flight tour and enjoy the tranquility without the pain of limited amenities. There are several reputable agencies that organize one-day flight tours; we hear good things about this one and this one. Spoil yourself! Then come back to Playa and spoil yourself some more.