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Keith Haring Preserved

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A Collaborative Artwork

In 1989, the City of Chicago declared “Keith Haring Week,” during which the renowned artist painted a monumental 488-foot mural, aided by 500 Chicago Public School students, and a smattering of rebellious kids who played hooky just to join the fun.

The original mural was made up of 61 eight-by-four panels of wall. Thirty six of those are on view until September 23rd in a free exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Beyond the scale of the work, what’s unique about this exhibition is the rare glimpse it offers into a unique moment in local history, less than a year before the artist’s death. Drawn without so much as a sketch, Haring painted thick black lines in humanoid, canine, and abstract shapes, then supervised teens on how to cover the empty space with their own patterns and designs.

Come experience this must-see late-summer show in all its glory.