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Preservation Paradise

If you’re in the mood for adventure, go off the beaten path for a day and visit San Dionisio for something completely undisturbed by modern development. Approximately 50 people live on 14 ranches in this community where you can discover waterfalls, natural water slides, and even ancient cave paintings.

Although the vegetation at ground-level is mostly arid, climb a little higher and you’ll discover evergreen woodlands known as encinos and palm oases along the river channels. Most of the canyon lies within the Reserva de la Biosfera (Biosphere Reserve) Sierra la Laguna, which was designated a protected area by UNESCO in 2003.

The well-worn hiking trails begin right at the road, but we recommend hiring a local tour guide who can show you the path to the fabled Poza Obscura, a hidden natural pool that’s 50-feet deep. Your guide will also make sure you’re well-fed: the kitchen of Doña Luz is fabled locally, and she opens it up to visitors.