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In Defense of Rum

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Tropical Kitsch, Topnotch Drinks

While whisky and gin have enjoyed a hipster renaissance thanks to small urban distilleries like Few, Widow Jane, and Greenhook, rum is most often associated with questionable punch and syrup-heavy cocktails. Rumba is here to change that. They’re on a mission to restore the sugarcane spirit to its Hemingway-era glory.

Not far from the Thompson, Rumba serves elevated cocktails in an atmosphere inspired by prohibition-era Havana. Wednesday is tiki night, replete with exotic drinks in decorative receptacles, but these are not the kind you remember from that Spring Break trip to the Caribbean. Rumba’s syrups are balanced, their juice fresh squeezed, and they feature over 300 rums. This is a spot for the true rum connoisseur!

The theme continues through the food menu, with pan-Caribbean dishes ranging from tacos to pepper pot chicken.