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A Taste of Japan

Filling a gap in the local dining scene, Tachi is Toronto’s first timed, stand-up omakase experience. It’s a sleek hole-in-the-wall hidden behind a curtain in Assembly Chef’s Hall, an upscale food hall for when you’re hungry and short on time. Reservations are vital—like traditional stand-up sushi shops in Japan, space is limited to eight standing spots—and you should be on time to make the most of the experience. There’s a timer on the wall and people will literally be counting down until you finish to take your spot.

But the experience is not as anxious as it sounds—in fact, it’s quite laidback. The food is unimpeachable and a bargain for the quality. For $55, you receive 12 pieces of sushi including otoro (fatty tuna) and a fresh hand roll made by the chef. Surprise options such as wagyu nigiri sometimes sneak onto menu, which changes daily.