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Not an Avocado In Sight

Across the country, from Art Basel Miami Beach to San Diego, we’ve seen pop-up “museums” dedicated to ice-cream, pizza, and avocados. While these “experiential museums” promise art as experience, they sometimes neglect the experience of art.

Not so at Wndr. Chicago’s very first experiential museum distinguishes itself by displaying high art alongside quirkier, fun scientific exhibits. The highlight for many will be Yasoi Kusama’s Let’s Survive Together. Not only is this Chicago’s first infinity mirror room, but it’s the same exhibit that debuted at David Zwirner in New York last year. Tucked within is a smaller mirrored tower that encloses a second miniature infinity mirror room, a mindblowing experience, even for Kusama.

Though vowels are optional at Wndr, cameras are certainly not. Among the 19 “experiences” crafted by different artists, you’ll find a swing set seemingly propelled by balloons and steel balls “floating” in an anti-gravity chamber. Wndr delivers both Instagram candy and an elucidating experience.