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It’s hard to overstate the influence and power advertising mogul Charles Saatchi has exerted over contemporary art. He launched his eponymous London gallery in 1985 to showcase his private collection, which included established American artists such as Richard Serra and Anselm Kiefer. In the 1990s, he abruptly sold it all. Using the proceeds, he invested heavily in young artists such as Jenny Saville, Damien Hirst, and Tracy Emin—and, in the process, almost single-handedly launched the Young British Artist movement. 

The Saatchi Gallery continues to do its bit for new artists and The Other Art Fair is just one example. It’s also a great opportunity to start your own collection. The fair showcases new artists (who go through a vigorous vetting procedure), many of whom gain prominence in traditional gallery settings after being discovered through the show.

After stints in London and Sydney, the fair is open in Brooklyn November 8th–11th. It’s worth crossing the river for—promise.