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Cabo’s Most Inspirational Artistry

Editor's Picks

Spiritual and Colorful

The Ivan Guaderrama Gallery promises “all you could possibly ask for” in the world of contemporary art. The space has fostered a family of craftsmen and carpenters whose work is on display here and all over the world.

The founder, Guarderrama himself, makes unabashedly joyous and spiritual art. You’ll recognize his bronze sculptures of angels from many venues in Cabo, and this is the place to find one you can take home. Guarderrama often uses unique proprietary materials to create his work (including “live texture” pieces crafted from a mix of marble dust, oil, and resin) and specializes in collectible color-washed canvases which incorporate mantras and aphorisms.

With an original gallery location in Chihuahua, Mexico, and a second in Laguna Beach, California, Guarderrama’s work is gaining a popularity throughout North America—not to mention being a huge hit on social media. Come and see what all the fuss is about and take home a souvenir.